Labor Conference Trial: Tories Accused of ‘Cutting Off Police’ | Working Conference 2021

Quote of the day

To win a general election. I did not get into politics to vote again and again in Parliament and lose and then tweet about it. I got into politics to go into government to change millions of lives for the better.

Keir Starmer, in an interview with the BBC, when asked what meant the most politically to him.

Today’s tweet

Diane Abbott is not getting rid of Starmer from the idea of ​​a minimum wage of £ 15, and she has the photographs to help her.

Today’s debate

Perhaps less debate than a political statement of intent in the conference speech by Nick Thomas-Symonds. The shadow home secretary spoke to an audience, including the head of the police union, accusing the Conservatives of “abolishing the police”, borrowing the slogan used by some backers of the Black Lives Matter and calling the Tories “the party of crime and disorder”.

The day in a picture

Catherine Atkinson with her daughter, Elena
Catherine Atkinson with her daughter, Elena Photo: Dan Kitwood / Getty Images

Delegate Catherine Atkinson speaks at the conference while holding Elena at the age of nine months – who is thankfully at the right age to enjoy petting herself.

Today’s row

The culmination of a series, but nonetheless: Bakers, Food and Allied Workers’ Union, which is small but has been affiliated with Labor for more than a century, is severing ties with the party. Sarah Woolley, its general secretary, said the decision was made because of “how far the Labor Party has traveled away from the goals and hopes of labor organizations like ours”.

Wednesday’s highlights

A highlight, singular: Starmer’s speech, starting at noon, the last event in the main conference room. It is seen as an opportunity both for the leader to set out a vision for what a Starmer Prime Ministerial would look like, and to send delegates home with a source in their stride after a somewhat mixed event so far. No pressure, then.

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