How to stream it for free?

Sony Pictures Animation and Amazon are approaching an agreement of over $ 100 million for the animated feature Hotel Transylvania: Transformania to stream globally on Amazon Prime Video,

Hotel Transylvania ”has been a monster family franchise for Sony, with the first three films earning more than $ 1.3 billion in cinemas worldwide since 2012. But the rise in COVID cases driven by the highly contagious delta variant that predominantly infects unvaccinated people, has made theatrical display of family photos unsustainable as there is as yet no vaccine for children under 12. When New York City adopted a vaccination mandate for indoor venues on Tuesday and other major cities are seriously considering their own, sources say early August began investigating an alternative release for the fourth “Hotel Transylvania” movie scheduled to open in theaters on October 1st.

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The release date for Hotel Transylvania 4 has been pushed once again, when will the film come out? Can you stream it online? We answer this and more below so you do not miss anything!

How to stream it for free?

Kids (and let’s be honest, families) have been waiting a long time for the release of Hotel Transylvania 4. Today, it is not easy to keep track of movie releases or where they want to stream. Not to mention, if they stream, where? There is one too many streaming platforms.

Do you have a favorite movie from 2021, or are you still waiting for it to be released? Here’s everything you need to know about the movie.

Release Date for Hotel Transylvania 4?

The animated film was set for a summer release date, but has since been pushed back to the fall. The Sony Pictures movie is now coming out on October 1, 2021. If you ask me, the closer to Halloween, the better, then it’s amazing.

If the release date changes, we will notify you.

How to stream Hotel Transylvania 4 online from home?

Yes! In fact, the film was set to be released in theaters, but due to the ongoing pandemic, the upcoming Hotel Transylvania film has reached a streaming deal.

Look now: Hotel Transylvania Transformania Online

According to Variety, Sony Pictures Animation and Amazon reached an agreement that sold streaming rights to Amazon Prime Video.

Hotel Transylvania 4 synopsis: What is the film about?

It’s no secret that Johnny is not Dracula’s favorite guy, so Johnny thinks that if he were a monster, Dracula would finally approve. But predictably, things are not going as planned.

Johnny is a monster, but all monsters are now humans. Oops! It’s like a crazy Friday, but the Monster edition.

Hotel Transylvania 4 cast

The role list contains:

  • Andy Samberg as Johnny
  • Selena Gomez as Mavis
  • Kathryn Hahn as Ericka Van Helsing
  • Jim Gaffigan as Abraham Van Helsing
  • Brian Hull (replacing Adam Sandler) as Count Dracula
  • Steve Buscemi as Wayne
  • Molly Shannon as Wanda
  • David Spade as Griffin
  • Keegan-Michael Key as Murray

Best streaming service in 2021:

Find out how all the best streaming competitors – Netflix, Disney Plus, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, HBO Max, Paramount Plus and Peacock compare in terms of shows, movies, features and price.


HBO Max is a streaming subscription service that offers a wide range of TV series and movies on-demand.

The service offers up to five viewer profiles with lots of curated choices for adults and children, the ability to download content and the ability to stream on many devices.

Here’s everything you need to know about HBO Max.

Sign up for a subscription by going to the HBO Max website. The service is available in the Amazon App Store, Apple App Store, Google Play and Samsung TV as well as most Internet and digital providers. You can watch the streaming service from most devices, e.g. PS4, Xbox One, Google Chromecast and Amazon Fire TV. A comprehensive list can be found here. One notable and popular streaming device you can’t watch from is the Roku, which is in a stalemate with HBO Max.

Disney Plus

If you have young people or you are young at heart, the Disney Plus streaming service is packed with content for you. In addition to original shows such as The Mandalorian, Loki, WandaVision and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Disney Plus is also home to Marvel movies and the Star Wars series.

Look now: Hotel Transylvania Transformania Online

Disney Plus also found a strong foothold during last year’s big screen lockdowns. First, it started streaming already released movies months earlier than planned, including Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, Frozen 2 and Pixar’s Onward. Later, it accelerated streaming releases of brand new films, such as the film adaptation of the novel for young adults Artemis Fowl and the live-action film version of the mega-hit musical Hamilton.

The service has also kept it up by putting brand new movies on the platform and behind a payment wall. The live-action remake of Mulan arrived last year and was available for streaming while hitting theaters for $ 30 (it is now available for free). Marvel’s Black Widow is also coming to Disney Plus the same day it hits theaters this month for an additional $ 30 fee.

There is also nostalgia factor: My watch list is almost exclusively Disney Channel Original movies from the late 90s and early 2000s. Of course, there is also classic Disney content, from original Mickey Mouse cartoons to vaulted movies like Aladdin, The Jungle Book and Cinderella.

After the free trial of seven days, Disney Plus costs $ 8 a month. There is also an option to bundle Disney Plus with Hulu and ESPN.

Amazon prime

If you subscribe to Amazon Prime to save on the e-commerce site- $ 13 a month or $ 6.49 a month for students- you also get access to Prime Video, Amazon’s streaming service. The service has new movies to rent or buy, and you can watch a variety of movies and shows for free as long as they have the little Prime tag on the corner of the icon. You can also subscribe to Prime Video without saving on e-commerce for $ 9 a month.

If you’re a movie fan, Prime Video might be the right choice for you: Amazon’s platform has three times as many movies as Netflix does, a survey found. Not all are big blockbusters, but there is a comprehensive catalog.

As with Hulu, you can buy add-on channels for Prime Video such as HBO and Starz. You can also find programs by searching on a channel like BET or Boomerang. Sometimes, even though a show requires an addition, you can usually watch one or two seasons for free on Prime. I like Prime Video because it typically has movies that are more off the beaten path in addition to mainstream new releases. In addition, there are original quality shows, including The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel and The Man in the High Castle, as well as original films such as The Big Sick.

Peacock -tv

Peacock, the streaming service from NBCUniversal, is a little different from the others on this list. Although, like many streaming services, it has a tiled interface and a big-name network behind it, it also features live news and sports, new original series, and a large back catalog of TV shows and movies. Many of the titles can be viewed for free, making it a bit like a free streaming service like Tubi or Roku Channels.

Peacock’s free level offers plenty of ad-supported content with the option to upgrade to ad-supported premium ($ 5 per month) or ad-free premium plus ($ 10 per month) if you want to expand your library even further. You’ll find shows, movies, news, live sports and clip-style clips with standouts including The Office, Parks and Recreation, 30 Rock, some Premier League football matches and more. You also get episodes of current NBC shows like This is Us the week after they aired for free or the day after at the premium level.

In addition, you only get access to a few episodes for shows like The Office or Parks and Recreation. You need to upgrade to premium to get full access.

Since its launch, Peacock has added the few features it lacked such as Roku and Amazon Fire TV support, profiles for different users and some mobile downloads. But it still does not offer mobile downloads for its cheaper levels or 4K HDR streaming – both of which are available on the paid competition like Netflix and Disney Plus.

Peacock is unlikely to replace Netflix or Hulu, at least in the short term. But it’s a great free option to find some older movies and shows you may have missed (or want to watch again) and follow current NBC shows as long as you do not mind watching a few commercials.


Netflix is ​​a veteran streaming service and introduced us mainly to the modern binge-watch as it houses iconic shows (old and new) like Supernatural, Glee, Gilmore Girls and The West Wing. It’s easy to put on an old favorite and let it play, whether you’re actively watching or not.

Netflix has also become known for its originals – movies, shows and several documentaries, many of which have received both popular and critical acclaim. Think of the hype surrounding The Queen’s Gambit, Bridgerton, Mindhunter, and Stranger Things. Netflix has even won in the Oscar season with Roma and My Octopus Teacher.

Look now: Hotel Transylvania Transformania Online

New seasons of shows typically come out at once, and after blowing through them on one afternoon, you have to wait months or even years for the next. I would keep Netflix for binge-watching and for the fascinating investigative documents like The Keepers and The Pharmacist. While you wait for your favorite show to return, Netflix shuffles its content every month and releases new titles every week.

You can choose from basic ($ 9 per month), standard ($ 14) and premium ($ 18).


For $ 6 a month (with ads), Hulu is a perfect complement and counterpoint to Netflix. This channel lineup features a large selection of well-known shows from networks such as ABC, Fox and NBC, which you can watch shortly after they aired (unlike on Netflix), as well as a growing catalog of its own critically acclaimed original series such as The Handmaid’s Speech and PEN15. If you have $ 6 a month left over and don’t mind trading a few ads for a plethora of TV options, Hulu is a no-brainer. You also have the option to upgrade to a plan without ads for $ 12 a month or add live TV streaming for $ 65 a month for a full cable replacement.

Paramount Plus

The Paramount Plus streaming service, formerly known as CBS All Access, collects live news and sports with on-demand shows and movies, including originals that rely on parent company ViacomCBS ‘brands such as popular channels CBS, MTV, BET, Comedy Central, Nickelodeon and the Paramount Network, plus its Paramount Pictures movie studio.

The service has plenty of content: 30,000 episodes of TV and 2,500 movies plus 36 original series coming this year, for either $ 6 a month (with ads) or $ 10 a month (without commercials). Two of the biggest features from CBS All Access days include the Star Trek catalog and new originals like Star Trek: Discovery and Picard and the series The Good Fight. Upcoming originals include two Yellowstone spinofs (though Yellowstone itself is on rival Peacock), a new Star Trek series and a series based on Halo, and new movies like Mission: Impossible 7, which arrive 45 days after the theaters. But right now, its main value lies in nostalgia: You can see pretty much every old Nickelodeon series, Comedy Central stand-up special, and popular series ranging from Frasier and Cheers to Spongebob Squarepants and Young Sheldon.

Apple TV Plus

For $ 5 a month, Apple TV Plus is the cheapest premium, ad-free streaming service available with advanced features like 4K resolution, HDR and mobile downloads. However, it is also the only service on this list that contains only original content and no back catalog of shows or movies to explore. Although it now has more than 50 exclusive, original programming programs and movies on a big budget, only a few have caught much attention (watching you, Ted Lasso and The Morning Show, and possibly the Foundation arriving in September). And that library is far smaller than any of the others on this list.

The app is also confusing as it is located in the larger Apple TV app with other content. However, Apple TV Plus has one big advantage: There are many ways to get it for free, at least for a while (like when you buy a new Apple device or subscribe to the Apple One package).

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