Canberra Covid-19 lockdown: ACT registers 18 new cases

Canberra Covid-19 lockdown: ACT registers 18 new cases

A young man, only in his 20s, has been driven to intensive care in Canberra and is dependent on a ventilator.

A resident of Canberra in his 20s with Covid-19 is in intensive care in Canberra, breathing through a ventilator.

Canberra registered 18 new cases of Covid-19 on Friday, bringing the national capital’s total outbreak to 315.

Of the 18 new cases, three were isolated throughout their period of infection, while 15 were contagious in the community.

Thirteen of the new infections are linked to existing cases, while five are still under investigation.

It was reported that 10 Canberrans were in the hospital with Covid-19, three of whom were in the intensive care unit.

ACT Health Officer Kerryn Coleman said it included a young person in need of ventilation. She did not say if they had any underlying health conditions.

“I can advise that today we have a patient in his 20s who requires ventilation,” she said.

ACT outbreaks disproportionately affect the younger population of the territory, with about 84 percent of cases occurring in those under 44 years of age.

Canberra’s lockdown was originally scheduled to end Thursday night, but has been extended to Sept. 17 as the capital struggles to bring the case number down to zero.

Prime Minister Andrew Barr has announced that the additional Pfizer vaccines arriving in ACT from Australia’s dose agreement with Singapore will be given to Canberra’s year 12 students over the next two weeks.


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