Abu Dhabi stem cells announce the success of the first experiment of its kind in the production of programmed immune cells

Abu Dhabi Stem Cell Center – the specialized research institute in Abu Dhabi – announced the completion of the first experiment of its kind in the UAE to produce immune cells using receptors for target cells / CAR T cell / locally in the laboratory. with this success, take the UAE one step further from the start of clinical trials to prove the safety of This technique is used to treat blood cancer.

Yendre Ventura, immunologist and director general of the Abu Dhabi Stem Cell Center, and lead researcher in the clinical trial of CAR T-cell immunotherapy, commenting on the significance of these findings, using a receptor targeting cancer cells / CAR T-cell /, said : “We are pleased to announce 12 days after the start of the trial of our success in producing T-cell immune cells using target cell receptor / CAR T-cell / from a healthy volunteer, was conducted in partnership with Miltni Biotech. Most importantly, we were able to expand the cells within the highest levels of quality control and productivity, while maintaining more than the average number of cells without contaminating them. “

He added: “This result is very encouraging because it demonstrates the ability to produce immune cells that are programmed to fight cancer cells with a high efficiency that exceeds the accepted standards in clinical application of the degree of purity, viability and cell dose. . “

He pointed out: “In this first experiment, the researchers at the Abu Dhabi Stem Cell Center used their deep expertise and the use of the latest existing technologies to monitor the rapid production, assembly and use of programmed immune cells using targeted receptors / CAR T cells. “The goal was in this initial phase, to ensure the effectiveness of the technology used and to ensure standardization as the local research institute prepares to enter the next phase of clinical trials.”

Dr. Fatima Al Kaabi, director of the bone marrow transplant program in Abu Dhabi and co-researcher in the immune cell trial, said: “We were able to achieve this remarkable result through the combined efforts of our distinguished team of researchers and technicians working at the Abu Dhabi Stem Cell Center. and the specialized modern technology and practical knowledge they provided. Our partners at Miltney Biotech. “

She added: “We are on the verge of entering a new phase in our efforts to design the first Emirati program for programmed immune cell therapy using CAR T-cell receptors and give hope to patients suffering from various forms of We look forward to announcing more successes with our readiness to launch clinical trials. “

She said that CAR T-cell therapy is one of the new, globally recognized forms of immunotherapy that uses the body’s defense system by reprogramming immune cells, which is an essential component of the body’s response mechanism to fight tumors and prepares them to perform tasks. with seeking and eliminating cancer. These programmed cells become a living substance that moves through the body and constantly uses the immune system to attack disease. ”

The establishment of the Abu Dhabi Stem Cell Center, the first of its kind in the UAE, came in 2019 with the aim of meeting the growing local and regional demand for the most advanced and innovative medical services and treatments.

It focuses its efforts on delivering the latest stem cell research in the region according to the highest quality standards and the best levels of patient satisfaction at every step of the care journey, including treatment and follow-up, whether for staff or patients and their families.

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