The new Academy Museum of Motion Pictures opens in LA next week. Here’s a sneak peek inside

The new Academy Museum of Motion Pictures opens in LA next week.  Here’s a sneak peek inside

LOS ANGELES – We look inside the new Academy Museum of Motion Pictures, which officially opens its doors to the public on September 30th. Here is everything we can expect from this institution dedicated to film.

An impressive venue is the state-of-the-art 1,000-seat David Geffen Theater. It is one of two theaters in the 300,000-square-foot museum that will celebrate the cinema’s past, present and future.

The Academy Museum will definitely be a place to explore, enjoy, marvel and learn.

“We talk about the history of the cinema in a very diverse, dynamic and accessible way,” said Bill Kramer, the museum’s director and president, earlier this year. “There are so many stories, and we tell many of them. And we will continue to rotate new stories through our exhibits.”

This museum will not shy away from controversy either. It will address and acknowledge Hollywood’s problematic history of women, stereotypes and lack of diversity.

“We recognize things that many viewers, many fans, have been thinking about for a long time,” said Jacqueline Stewart, the museum’s artistic and programming director. “It’s really important for us to be a space where people can talk about these issues.”

The museum’s ultimate goal is to promote the understanding, celebration and preservation of the cinema. It will do so with exhibits pretty much everywhere you look, along with many special collections, programs and initiatives.

“Building a new institution from idea to completion in a little over ten years is remarkable,” Kramer said.

Although The Academy Museum may be in Los Angeles, a visit inside will take guests on a journey around the world.

One of the museum’s inaugural temporary exhibitions will focus on the work of Hayao Miyazaki, the Japanese animator, director and producer behind Studio Ghibli.

Visitors will be able to do more than wonder about the history of the film. The Oscars Experience will create an immersive environment that simulates the experience of receiving an Oscar on stage at the Dolby Theater.

There is a reason why there is a concept called “film magic”. That magic will be shown here, whether it’s through technology or some famous ruby ​​slippers.

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