Canberra Covid-19 lockdown: ACT detects 15 new coronavirus cases

Canberra Covid-19 lockdown: ACT detects 15 new coronavirus cases

Canberra has registered 15 new Covid-19 transmissions, tipping the national capital’s total outbreak to over 600 cases.

Canberra has registered 15 new locally acquired Covid-19 cases, bringing the national capital’s total outbreak to 601.

Of the 15 new cases, two were isolated throughout their period of infection, seven infected in the community, and the remaining six are under investigation.

Seven of the transmissions have been linked to existing cases, while eight are still under investigation.

ACT Chief Minister Andrew Barr confirmed that eight Canberrans were now in hospital with Covid-19, including one person on intensive care on ventilation.

Barr said there had been concerns that ACT might not receive its fair share of the additional Pfizer doses arriving from the UK.

The four million extra Pfizer jabs that arrived from abroad were to be distributed per. Inhabitant.

But the prime minister said there had been an error in the number assigned to ACT.

“The National Cabinet met for about two and a half hours yesterday. “During the meeting, I raised concerns with the Prime Minister about the expected vaccination supply to ACT,” Barr said.

“During the proposed Pfizer supply to be allocated to the territory by October, it appeared that the Commonwealth had reduced the area’s allocation.”

Sir. Barr said Prime Minister Scott Morrison noted that he was concerned about the vaccine allocation under the National Cabinet and that talks were now underway between the ACT government and the Federal Health Office.

“We have had some initial assurances that there was no intention to reduce the vaccine supply by October,” Barr said.

“We hope to have further clarification on the Pfizer delivery schedule week by week for October this weekend.”

The ACT maintains the highest jab rate in the country with 56.1 percent of the population over 16 now fully vaccinated.

Canberra’s lockdown was extended by another four weeks on Tuesday after sustained increases in the number of cases and now ends on October 15.


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