An updated list of Covid 19 rules at Expo 2020

An updated list of Covid 19 rules at Expo 2020

The much awaited Dubai Expo 2020 is finally opening this fall. Dubai had to postpone Expo due to Covid 19, but the pandemic can no longer stop it. Cases have dropped sharply and 80.62% of the entire population is fully vaccinated. While 91.57% have received the full dose.

Therefore, Dubai is ready to launch Expo 2020. This 182 day long extravaganza will be launched on October 1, 2021 and will continue until March 31, 2022.

And everyone is ready for fun events, inspiring exhibitions and delicious treats prepared by the best chefs in the world. But we must not forget that an event as large as Expo is receptive to becoming super-spreading events. Now we are sure no one wanted that to happen. Therefore, the Dubai government and officials at Expo 2020 will take a few steps to prevent this.

Expo organizers are taking the following steps to make Expo 2020 a success:

Who should not come to the Expo?

Do not visit Expo 2020 if you suffer from covid symptoms. Avoid visiting Expo if you have been in close contact with a covid-positive person or with people in self-quarantine orders.

Who can visit Expo 2020?

Visitors over the age of 18 must present proof of vaccination through the green passport in the Al Hosn app can visit Expo 2020. Unvaccinated visitors must present a negative PCR report that will be valid for 72 hours. Visitors can also be tested on site for free.

Precautions to follow

  1. Participants are requested to stay masked at any time on the premises.
  2. They are also expected to maintain one physical distance at least 2 meters at any one time.
  3. Markers will be set up near exhibits and stalls to delimit appropriate and safe distances that participants can stand on. Social distance is also applicable in the dining areas.
  4. Thermal cameras will be set up at the entrance to monitor the temperatures of those present. If the temperature of a guest appears to be above the safe threshold, they will be escorted out by volunteers. They then receive medical attention if necessary.
  5. Hand disinfection stations will be plentiful at the event.
  6. Medical camps will be set up to assist and assist any guest who needs medical attention.

Other steps taken by officials

  1. In addition to this, Expo 2020 officials will regularly clean and disinfect venues and common areas.
  2. Signage and posters about social distance will also be there throughout the room.
  3. A few employees monitor compliance with social distance norms.

Expo 2020 has made the UAE the focus of the world. It is imperative that we make this event a huge success and it would require everyone’s contribution.

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