UAE … qualitative achievements in equal pay between women and men

UAE … qualitative achievements in equal pay between women and men

Equality in pay between women and men for equal work or work of equal value is one of the most prominent aspects of respect for human rights in the UAE and its commitment to achieving gender balance, where it has taken qualitative leaps over the last three years for to reach 18th rank globally, and first in the Arab world.

Tomorrow, the UAE will join the countries of the world in its celebration of the International Day of Equal Pay, which was endorsed by the UN on 18 September each year, as an annual opportunity to intensify efforts to empower women and girls and remove all obstacles to to achieve equality between them and men in the labor market.

UAE has a rich record in results in reducing the pay gap between women and men in the labor market and came first in the Middle East and North Africa region in the Women, Business and Law 2021 report published by the World Bank, which made qualitative leaps in its global ranking in this report over the last three years. It scored 82.5 points out of a total of 100 points in the 2021 edition against 29 points in the 2019 edition and 56 points in the 2020 edition. It also achieved full scores (100 points) in five axes: freedom of movement, work, wages, entrepreneurship and pensions.

The UAE ranked first in the Arab world in the Gender Gap Report 2021 issued by the World Economic Forum and ranked globally in 4 sub-indicators within this important international report.

The UAE is constantly working to promote gender balance and empower women in all areas, improve the working environment and provide equal opportunities for women in work sectors in addition to developing and strengthening the role of women as key partners in building the country’s future.

The labor law of the United Arab Emirates stipulates that employed women receive the same pay as men if they perform the same work, and the law guarantees the protection of women’s rights and their enjoyment of equal employment opportunities with men.

Since December 2020, the UAE has begun to implement equal pay between men and women in the private sector in the event that the same work or work of equal value is carried out under Federal Decree No. 6 of 2020, which has strengthened the state’s regional and global superiority with regard to gender equality at different levels and areas.

In addition to equal pay, the UAE Act provides for the abolition of all restrictions on women working at night and working in hard jobs such as mining, construction, manufacturing, energy, agriculture and transport, to give women the right to work in these industries. , and the law does not allow the employer to terminate the service for women The Labor Organization Act also prohibits discrimination between employees by getting jobs and promotion and gender discrimination in jobs with the same job functions.

Emirati women record a remarkable presence in various business sectors, for example, women make up 64% of workers in the education sector, the same percentage of total doctors, nurses and technicians in the health sector and 31% of total workers in finance, banking and insurance activities .

The number of licensed companies owned by women is 80,025, while women accounted for 21.5 percent of management positions and 32.5 percent of workers in specialized occupations.

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