Vivian Balakrishnan apologizes to Leong Mun Wai for ‘private comments’ made during the parliamentary session

Vivian Balakrishnan apologizes to Leong Mun Wai for ‘private comments’ made during the parliamentary session

In a statement Wednesday night, Leong said he had received a call from Dr. Balakrishnan, who “conveyed his apology”.

“I accepted his apology. Let’s spend our time making better use of Singapore and Singaporeans,” Mr Leong said.

However, he added that he “is also curious to know” who else had been involved in the conversation and “the reason why they held the institution in which (he) participated in contempt”.

Early Wednesday morning, Parliament adopted a proposal by Finance Minister Lawrence Wong to secure Singaporeans’ jobs and livelihoods.

Parliament also rejected a rival proposal by Mr Leong, which called on the government to “take urgent and concrete action to address widespread anxiety among Singaporeans about jobs and livelihoods caused by foreign talent policy”.

The motions were discussed together, but were voted on separately.

In a post on the PSP’s Facebook page, party general secretary Francis Yuen said Leong and NCMP Hazel Poa “stood in their place” and spoke “passionately”.

Note that the debate was about “to protect the interests of our core in Singapore,” Yuen added: “This core must be complemented by genuine foreign talent, brought in through sound foreign talent policy and the effective implementation of the relevant government bodies.”

Yuen said the debate was not about racism or xenophobia, although “there have been relentless attempts to label the PSP as such”.

“We believe the public knows and understands why we had to present the proposal and get this debate going,” he added.

“Unlike some neighborhoods that think different voices are illiterate, we have confidence that our other Singaporeans are enlightened and educated and will not miss the forest for the trees.”

In a separate statement, Yuen also said it was “shocking to hear such remarks from a minister and a diplomat representing Singapore”.

His contempt for a Member of Parliament and disrespect for a very famous school is disappointing to say the least. “


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