Notre-Dame-de-Grâce-Westmount federal equestrian candidates meet in debate-Montreal

Notre-Dame-de-Grâce-Westmount federal equestrian candidates meet in debate-Montreal

People living in the riding at Notre-Dame-de-Grâce-Westmount got a chance to learn more about the candidates who asked for their vote during a debate.

The event was organized by the Westmount Municipal Association and took place in Westmount’s Victoria Hall on Tuesday.

After the candidates introduced themselves, the public asked questions.

The incumbent, liberal candidate Marc Garneau, was the target of the public and the other candidates most of the night.

He was first asked how Canada is handling the Taliban’s hostile takeover of Afghanistan.

“We have been very clear about our requirements [to the Taliban] and that is the basis on which we are moving, because we want to get our Canadians home, we do not want terrorism to thrive there, we want human rights, ”said Garneau, who served as foreign minister before Parliament dissolved.

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People in the audience applauded when the Green Party’s Green candidate Sam Fairbrother, a student of environmental science at McGill University, responded to Garneau’s statements to ensure that the Taliban respect the human rights of women and children.

“If you think it’s necessary, then why are we selling weapons to Saudi Arabia?” Said Fairbrother.

The Liberal candidate kept quiet as he gave answers, but lost patience once when Conservative candidate Mathew Kaminski asked why rapid testing was not widely available in Canada.

“We have had rapid testing for a very long time. … It’s out there. We gave it to the provinces, and the provinces use it, ”Garneau said, raising his voice. “Please do your research before making such statements.”

Things got hot again when talking about the environment.

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Garneau argued that the Liberal Party’s plan to combat climate change was classified as the most credible.

But other candidates were quick to criticize it.

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“We are aware that yes, we can not close the pipeline from one day to the next,” said NDP candidate Emma Elbourne-Weinstock.

“It is not a question of that. It is a question of the Liberal Party continuing to invest in this industry, e.g. When they bought a pipeline in 2018. ”

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Public health measures and mandatory vaccinations to tackle the pandemic were also on the mind as the Canadian People’s Party candidate, lawyer turned to YouTuber David Freiheit, condemned public health measures such as lockdown and mandatory vaccination.

“There is a difference between believing in the vaccine and believing in a person’s choice to undergo a medical procedure based on their own assessment of their own lives and their own risk,” Freiheit told Garneau, which defended COVID-19 vaccines as a solution to end the pandemic.

“My answer is that you can believe what you want, but you can not believe it if you want to endanger my life,” Garneau told Freiheit.

Garneau has been riding since 2015 and is a frontrunner in an area considered “red”. Residents will decide next Monday at the ballot box whether it will remain so.

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More information and a complete list of candidates is available on the Notre-Dame-de-Grâce – Westmount riding profile page.

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