Grieving lawyer hired assailant to arrange his own death after the murders of his wife and son

Grieving lawyer hired assailant to arrange his own death after the murders of his wife and son

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Police arrested a violent man who shot and wounded attorney Alex Murdaugh in South Carolina as he changed a tire on the side of a highway.

Murdaugh was injured three months after his wife, Maggie, 52, and son, Paul, 22 (pictured left), were shot and killed in an ambush at their home in South Carolina on June 7.

Murdaugh, a well-known legal heir to SC, was shot in the head on a rural highway on September 4th. He survived the shooting, but he is now reportedly arrested for allegedly embezzlement millions of dollars from his law firm to buy opioids.

Police arrested Curtis Edward Smith, 61, on Tuesday and charged him with shooting Murdaugh. Smith is also charged with assisted suicide, assault and battery, possession of a firearm, insurance fraud and conspiracy to commit insurance fraud, reports.

Police say Murdaugh hired Smith to kill him so his surviving son, Buster, 25, would receive a $ 10 million insurance payment. Smith, however, was a bad shot.

Murdaugh’s lawyer, Dick Harpootlian, says he knows who shot Maggie and Paul, and the suspect’s name will be revealed this week. He said the motive for the killings was “personal”.

Harpootlian acknowledged that Murdaugh was likely to be arrested for allegedly abusing millions from his own law firm.

Harpootlian said Murdaugh is still mourning the deaths of his wife and son as he embezzled millions from his law firm to fund his opioid addiction.

Murdaugh was fired from the law firm, and the state’s attorney revoked his attorney’s license for manipulating clients’ funds in escrow accounts.

Murdaugh has denied involvement in the deaths of his wife and son.

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