Man killed in ‘Freak Accident’ at McDonald’s Drive-Thru window

Man killed in ‘Freak Accident’ at McDonald’s Drive-Thru window

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A Google Street View image of a McDonald’s in Vancouver where a motorist was killed in a “freak accident” at the break-through window.

A man died last week after what is being called a “freak accident” at the window of a McDonald’s in Vancouver, Canada.

Vancouver police said the man opened his door to get something he lost from his window while paying. When he opened the door and leaned out to get it, the car rolled forward. The door hit part of the restaurant and he was pinned between the door and the frame.

“The first responders’ efforts were made to revive the man, but tragically he died on the spot,” Vancouver Police Const. This is what Tania Visintin says in a press release. “This is a completely heartbreaking scenario. Our deepest sympathy goes to this man’s family and friends. ”

Police said there are surveillance footage of the accident, but are looking for motorists who may have had dashcam footage of the incident as well as eyewitnesses.

“Usually when we hear about a fatal motor vehicle accident [is] usually, typically a crash with another vehicle, ”Visintin told 680 News. “So the fact that no other vehicles were involved … this seems like a freak accident.”

The victim’s name has not been released.

Such accidents are not unheard of at breakthrough windows, as people trying to pick something up from outside the car can lean out of an open door without putting the car in the park.

In 2012, also in Canada, a woman suffered serious injuries in just such a situation when her foot slipped off the brake and the car rolled forward.

In 2018, a motorist opened a door at a Jack In The Box thoroughfare in St. Louis. Louis to get his food. He tried to back up but accelerated as he did so, hitting a tree and getting stuck between car and tree.

He did not survive.

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