Lucifer Season 6, Episode 9 Review: Goodbye, Lucifer

Lucifer Season 6, Episode 9 Review: Goodbye, Lucifer

Interestingly, it is the angels’ decision to begin answering human prayers that causes the unnatural environmental changes when they show no predilection for considering the consequences of their actions. “You are not our God,” they tell Amenadiel, but it is his later suggestion that all siblings be involved that speaks to his grasp of a rapidly changing situation. Lucifer gives Amenadiel his full blessing in his quest for the top job, nevertheless, in an episode full of emotional exchanges, Lucifer’s distress as he dances around his fear of giving up Chloe and Rory, positively heartbreaking.

Usually, time loop stories force the characters to figure out a way to break the loop and bring things back to normal. Lucifer does not spend much time getting caught up in the narrative complications these plot lines necessarily generate, but the basics are treated briefly. The fact that Rory is still here proves that the loop is already underway, and they are all stuck in the time loop that is seemingly inevitable and unbreakable. We know where and when, but why remain elusive.

This is a transformed Lucifer, and he meets Linda’s suggestion to spend time with those he loves with understanding and compassion rather than flippancy. “It’s less about what we do with our last hours and more about who we spend them with.” Lucifer’s apology tour allows him to convey how he really feels, but also offers a level of reciprocity that is just as important and meaningful. Although she will carry the wound from being left out of the inner circle for a while longer, Lucifer’s sponsorship of a STEM foundation in her name at least shows that he has been more attentive than we sometimes credit him. That he sees her as an inspiration to young women cannot help but alleviate some of her pain.

To say that Lucifer’s relationship with the Mazikeen has been conflict-ridden would be an understatement of epic proportions, but here the two allow for a level of vulnerability that is rarely seen. Although she suspects that there is more to Lucifer’s situation than he does, it is her gift of a treasured magazine that resonates the most. “You will always want a piece of me,” she says to him, aware that their relationship seems to be heading for a new phase that may find them separated more than together.

However, Chloe’s perspective presents challenges that Lucifer has difficulty navigating. He certainly gets points for effort, and the construction of his panic room allows for a bit of visual humor thanks to his handyman persona and Rory’s entertainment at the project. Chloe does not see it the same way and supports Lucifer’s intention to shut himself away from danger. But it is still a complicated situation. “Why do you not trust yourself enough not to make the choice to give up on us?” she asks. It’s a reasonable question, though it seems obvious that something beyond Lucifer’s control will be at the heart of his disappearance, making her follow up even more unfairly. “Let me know when you choose us.” Ouch.

Of course, there are events that soften Chloe’s attitude, not least the revelation that she’s pregnant with Rory, who just happens to hear her parents’ conversation. Appropriately, it is Rory who puts things in perspective and recognizes that even if future events cannot be changed, her father’s departure may not be his choice. It’s a nice touch when he returns home with a box of Charlie’s unnecessary baby clothes, which reinforces his commitment to being an involved father in Rory’s formative years.

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