True Colors Announces Critical Role Partnership

True Colors Announces Critical Role Partnership

Square Enix recently announced a partnership with D & D streaming group Critical Role. The group will be heavily referenced in Wavelengths DLC.

Popular streaming group for tabletops Critical role will partner with Square Enix for the upcoming game Life is strange: True colors by making one of the main characters, Steph Gingrich, part of the Critical Role tab. This provides new context for a recent gameplay trailer where she turns out to play one D&D-style table games in Wavelengths DLC. Steph will be a playable character as part of the DLC where she will resume her role from Life is strange: Before the storm.

True colors is intended to be the third official entry in story-focused magical realism Life is strange franchise. The series focuses mainly on slower, dialogue-based gameplay designed to increase the emotional and often hard-hitting narrative of each game. Although the games all take place in the same universe, each release is an independent story that has allowed the creators to keep things fresh. IN True colors, players get the chance to explore scenic Haven Springs, Colorado as Alex Chen, a young adult with supernatural empathic powers and later as disc jockey Steph Gingrich in Wavelengths DLC. Alex’s powers were featured in a recent gameplay trailer for Life is strange: True colors.

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A little more light was shed on Steph’s position in the game via a special announcement from Life is strange Twitter account. In the short video, Critical Role Dungeon Master Matthew Mercer lets viewers know that Steph Gingrich will be a canonical Critter (a nickname given to Critical Role fans). He further explains that the record store that Steph manages will be highlighted with a selection of Critical Role decor and merchandise. Players can also use a fictitious dating app in Wavelengths DLC that contains mock-up profiles for various members of critical role.

In August, the developers added a September 30 release date Wavelengths, which is likely to match when many players end Alex Chen’s story after the main game’s release on the 10th. This extra context and characterization for Steph will surely excite fans who want to spend more time with another charismatic, relatable lead. In addition, the decision by Square Enix and developer Deck Nine to connect with Critical Role is likely to expand the game’s scope and appeal, which may prompt fans of Critical Role to check out the series.

While this partnership was probably partly created for cross-promotional purposes, it will definitely help make Life is strange world more realistic and relatable. The games are well known for their pop culture references and focus on modern lifestyle, so a streaming game set with tabletops is definitely a good match. But the basic game and DLC turn out, Critical role fans will definitely get a kick out of this sweet connection.

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Life is strange: True colors will be released on Xbox One, PC and PS4 on September 10, with a Switch port coming later this year.

Source: Life is weird / Twitter

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