Netflix lifts The Walking Dead into its final season

Netflix lifts The Walking Dead into its final season

The Walking Dead shows signs of life in its 11th and final season. Josh Stringer / AMC

AMCs The Walking Dead has shown some surprising signs of life recently. It has been the most in-demand TV show in the world across all platforms ever since its 11th and final season debuted on August 22, according to Parrot Analytics. The zombie show had seen both its overall ratings and ratings in the all-important 18-49 demographic wash of the previous five seasons. This is the opposite of what TV executives will see, especially for a franchise that will soon add two spin shows and a series of movies.

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Most in demand TV series worldwide

Over the past nine days, global audience demand The Walking Dead was 75.1x higher than the world average show. This was 6.6% higher than the second place Game of Thrones (70.5x) and 24.1% higher than third place Attack on Titan (60.5x).

Yes, linear ratings have been declining for half a decade now. It hurts when it comes to advertising fees. But The Walking Dead remains one of the cable’s most watched shows. Its worldwide demand is higher at this point in the current final season run than at any similar time since season 7 of 2016. The end of this mammoth 11-year-old race has aroused audience excitement and additional viewing ports, such as AMC +, have allowed fans to capture the show in a variety of new ways. This is also reflected in fans playing catch-up via Netflix.

The 150+ episodes of The Walking Dead drives eyeballs to Netflix, which once again shows that a franchise that reached significant heights in the linear world can be revived in the streaming world. The series garnered 720 million minutes or 12 million hours of viewership on Netflix during the week of August 2-August. 8, according to Nielsen data for Observer. It was the third most watched SVOD program in that span. (The week before, it got 554 million minutes or 9.2 million hours of viewership).

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In this case, more than half of the audience is under 35 per. Nielsen, suggesting that it is a new audience from what looked linear when it was launched in 2010. Adding new demographic information about viewers over time helps ensure the life of a show. The Walking Dead‘s continued popularity underscores the value that acquired content, especially those with deep libraries with episodes, is an important component of streaming success. While Netflix typically generates the most efficiency from shows that switch between 30 and 50 episodes per episode. What I hear … newsletter, The Walking Dead has long been seen as a series that could trigger the next big bidding war among rival streamers.

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